sweet like candy

h a n n a h
she/her. '97. korean.
pisces. socal. uci '19.
smtown enthusiast
isfj-t. type 3w2. byf!

ult of ults
baekhyun exo
doyoung nct

taemin shinee
+ kkoongie <3
haechan nct
ten wayv
irene red velvet

highlighted = groups i talk abt most !

jeno nct
winter aespa
karina aespa
hoshi seventeen
wonwoo seventeen
hendery wayv
seulgi red velvet

taeyeon snsd
kihyun monsta x
minhyuk monsta x
woohyun infinite
dbsk / tvxq

before you follow

– i mainly tweet abt exo nct shinee and other sm artists
– i like to tweet abt non-kpop stuff too (e.g. films & marvel)
– i rant/vent a lot so dnfi that makes u uncomfortable!
– i may go inactive randomly sometimes bc life lol
– i will not fb if u are not 18+ or no age is displayed anywhere
– i will not fb if u mostly talk abt groups i dont stan
– i may or may not fb if u ult either twice or blackpink
i will not fb if u ult or tweet a lot abt bts or txt
– i like to interact w my mutuals so pls do the same ;_;
– i tend to unf ia oomfs but only if theyve barely interacted
– im fairly immune to stuff on twt but please tw // dec 18, oct 14

note: i am the original person who made my twt @ back in 2012 so please do not ask to trade usernames or offer money for it or you will be blocked

do not follow if:
– basic dnf criteria (homophobic, racist, etc.)
– baekhyun akgae (im not one of yall)
– exo ot12 / not exo ot9 or shinee ot5
– anti any member of the groups i stan
– anti superm / dont support superm
– u wont interact once we become mutuals
btspopper or ult bts or txt in general